All’s Fair In Loaf and War : Baker’s Rise Mysteries Book 6

Out July 1st!

The much-anticipated sixth story in the Baker’s Rise Mysteries series brings more of the cosy humour and quaint village life which make Baker’s Rise such a special place to visit!

Wedding preparations are well underway at The Rise, and there is a growing sense of excitement about the place.

Frustrated at not being the centre of attention, Reggie starts sticking his beak where it’s not wanted. As things start to go missing, could he really be the culprit?

When Flora makes the choice to hire wedding caterers, Reggie isn’t the only one whose beak is out of joint around the place! Will it be tiers or tears where the wedding cake is concerned?

Packed with twists and turns, colourful characters and more than a sprinkle of romance, this new mystery will certainly leave you hungry for more!