Out With the Old, In With the Choux : Baker’s Rise Mysteries Book 5

Out April 22nd!

Flora and Reggie are back in this fifth instalment of the Baker’s Rise Mysteries series, with more shocks and surprises, and of course more of the community spirit and charm that make these books so popular!

Turning her attention to the manor house, Flora has some big decisions to make concerning The Rise, though not before she hosts the annual pastry competition.

The onset of spring encourages her to hire a new gardener to bring the grounds back to their former glory. Unfortunately for Reggie, the new arrival also enjoys being the centre of attention, particularly where the village ladies are concerned, and ruffles more than a few feathers!

With a wedding to organise, and the bookshop and tearoom keeping her busy, Flora feels pulled in too many directions. Everything is going well for a change though – so why is she waiting for the other choux to drop?

Packed with twists and turns, colourful characters and more than a sprinkle of romance, this new mystery will certainly leave you hungry for more!