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You can now read the first four books in my Baker’s Rise Mysteries series in one ebook collection! This is FREE to read through the Kindle Unlimited programme!


It’s a day of excitement here in cosy headquarters as I’m finally ready to announce the new series I’ve been working on all summer.

The Lillymouth Mysteries are set in a small town in North Yorkshire (if you’re fans of my historical fiction, you’ll recognise the name, as it’s the town that I created for my Cobble Wynd books!) and feature a female vicar who is certainly not stereotypical. Returning to her childhood home with an agenda that goes far beyond the work she’s been entrusted to do by the Bishop, Daisy Bloom is a force to be reckoned with!

Eagle-eyed readers will also spot that Lillymouth is the location for Flora’s holiday in my upcoming Baker’s Rise book, so you may get to meet the new vicar early 😉

Coming February 2023, the first book in this series – “Fresh As a Daisy” – is available to preorder now!

Readers are loving my cosy mystery books, and I’m so grateful for all of the fantastic feedback!

Not forgetting my contemporary and historical romances:

On The Doorstep: This is a very short novel and, sometimes, books this short can miss out on some of the emotion to make way for the backbone of the story. Not so, in this novel. There is not only emotion, it is felt by the reader as well as the characters. This book has been written with a certain touch that makes it such an incredibly experience to read it. There are some people who can decorate cakes beautifully, and in a way no person could ever replicate. This author has written the story version of that metaphorical cake. And it is one that you don’t want to say no to, but one that you must pick up eagerly, and simply devour it, every single word, until there is nothing left. Not even crumbs. 

The Angel and the Wolf: I came across the writer on Twitter, she mentioned a husky and that was it – I was in! But in all seriousness this is a beautifully sweet love story that I read from start to finish because I couldn’t bear to stop. I loved the idea of two people who believed they were damaged finding their perfect imperfect partner! The fact Isaac drives a motorcycle and there’s a husky are just two little cherries on top. Well done!

Oh my! Such a page turner! This book made me feel warm and understood. It’s so great to have a book that portrays panic attacks, anxiety and depression the way it is, without making it feel trendy or even romantic. There was romance in it, yes, but everything was at its place and doing its role. This is a beautiful story.

Counting Down to Christmas: I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your book. You’re a beautiful writer, very fluid, your characters are believable and relatable. It really was a beautiful mix of romance and Christmas cheer, I found them all a joy to read.

Bought, read, loved. Great book!

A lovely collection of Christmas Stories to curl up with. There’s a variety of romances all of which will leave you with a smile on your face. I loved that every story was unique focuses on a wide range of characters and different approaches to romance/relationship. The author has done a wonderful job of creating multifaceted characters in such short stories.

To Catch A Feather: The story of Kate and Cal is the quintessence of what a romantic story should be and, and what it should give the reader in abundance. Hope, sympathy, some tears, and, of course, happiness.

R.A. Hutchins delivers a powerful story of finding love through grief and tragedy. It’s beautiful when people find peace in one another through times of hopelessness. I loved the up and down struggle of real life in this book.

Finding Love on Cobble Wynd: This book contained perspectives of different characters and their journeys to find love. All the stories interlinked and it was written with clever attention to detail. My favourite type of books are those from multiple perspectives so this already ticked a box. I was further encapsulated by the beautiful language, descriptions and notions of romance. This book was written with great love and it’s evident throughout. I felt myself smiling as I connected to the characters and their stories. Beautifully written, enchanting and thoroughly enjoyable. I look forward to reading more from this skilled author.

I started this book thinking “I’ll just read a chapter”… I read the whole thing! I just fell in love with everything about it. I love period dramas, however, I’ve never really been a fan of romance novels, I usually find them predictable and too cliche. Yes this is a romance novel, but the author manages to avoid cliches and the usual predictable plot twists to show what real love is, what it should be. I instantly fell in love with the characters, as we follow three love stories throughout this book, each couple a perfect match, in their own unique way. The characters are well described and their personalities resonate with me.

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