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I came across the writer on Twitter, she mentioned a husky and that was it – I was in! But in all seriousness this is a beautifully sweet love story that I read from start to finish because I couldn’t bear to stop. I loved the idea of two people who believed they were damaged finding their perfect imperfect partner! The fact Isaac drives a motorcycle and there’s a husky are just two little cherries on top. Well done!

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your book. You’re a beautiful writer, very fluid, your characters are believable and relatable. It really was a beautiful mix of romance and Christmas cheer, I found them all a joy to read.

Bought, read, loved. Great book!

Oh my! Such a page turner! This book made me feel warm and understood. It’s so great to have a book that portrays panic attacks, anxiety and depression the way it is, without making it feel trendy or even romantic. There was romance in it, yes, but everything was at its place and doing its role. This is a beautiful story.

A lovely collection of Christmas Stories to curl up with. There’s a variety of romances all of which will leave you with a smile on your face. I loved that every story was unique focuses on a wide range of characters and different approaches to romance/relationship. For me, although they were short stories they were perhaps a little too short! Would have loved to get to know the characters a little more. In saying that, the author has done a wonderful job of creating multifaceted characters in such short stories.

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