Fresh As A Daisy – Lillymouth Mysteries Book One

When Reverend Daisy Bloom arrives at her new parish of Lillymouth to see that a recently deceased body has been discovered in the graveyard, she finds herself needing to do some sleuthing amidst her sermons.

Reacquainting herself with the painful memories of her childhood home whilst trying to make a fresh start, Daisy leans on old friends and new companions. Playing the part of amateur sleuth was never in her plan, but needs must if she is to ever focus on her own agenda.

Will her new vocation be able to protect Daisy from the spirits of the past, or was her return to her home town on the Yorkshire coast always destined for disaster?

Furthermore, are her new neighbours all as they seem, or are they harbouring secrets which may be their own undoing? Worse still, will they also lead to Daisy’s demise?

A tale of homecoming and homicide, of suspense and secrets, this is the first book in the Lillymouth Mysteries Series.

Note from the Author: Since the same cast of characters feature in each book of this series, and there are some overarching mysteries threaded throughout the books, the stories are best read in order!