The Angel and The Wolf

What do a beautiful recluse, a well-trained husky, and a middle-aged biker have in common? Find out in this poignantly sweet love story!

When Isaac meets the Angel and her Wolf, he’s unsure whether he’s in Hell or Heaven.
Worse still, he can’t remember taking that final step.
They say that calm follows the storm, but will that be the case for Isaac?

Fate has led him to her door,
Will she have the courage to let him in?

Praise for ‘The Angel and the Wolf’

I came across the writer on Twitter, she mentioned a husky and that was it – I was in! But in all seriousness this is a beautifully sweet love story that I read from start to finish because I couldn’t bear to stop. I loved the idea of two people who believed they were damaged finding their perfect imperfect partner! The fact Isaac drives a motorcycle and there’s a husky are just two little cherries on top. Well done!

Storm is 36, lives with her support dog, Hawk, in a cottage at a secluded bay. Isaac, late 30s, is first seen from her window sitting in the windy, drizzling weather… for over four hours. She overcomes her need to be left alone long enough to rescue him from the depths of despair to enter her home. She recognizes the numbness, pain, and anxiety in him as she deals with her own panic attacks. Not your usual romance heroine and hero.

Many people experience mental illness, but few romances are written about them. The characters treat each other with respect, empathy, and compassion that they had not previously experienced in their personal lives. As the day moves to night, Storm makes a decision that changes everything.

It’s about being vulnerable, authentic, and not having to be healed to be loved by someone who is also a work in progress. Falling in love doesn’t mean you both have healed all of your demons. You can heal together.

I rooted for both, felt their pain, and realized how taking a chance can make all the difference. New to me author.

Note: I read this from Kindle Unlimited and enjoyed it so much, I bought it.